The 70s tie experiment

I am possibly more of an artist rather than a methodical crafter, so after a few successful attempts at making Kodes, I started wondering what else could I use to make the necklaces.

I had previously bought some ties to be turned into necklaces (a complete different design from my Kodes) so I digged out a 70s looking stripy silk tie.

It took so much work! I had to unstitch it, then iron it as all the folds seemed set in stone. Then I had to somehow cut a viable strip from a not so regular piece of cloth (once the tie was unfolded). The I started the usual process of forming a long tube and what a nightmare it was to sew silk!

I have to say though, it made for a lovely necklace by the end of it and definitely a unique piece, nobody else in the world will have that necklace!

My friend Laura purchased it and is very jealous and proud of it 🙂

So if you too have a tie you really like and you would like a Kodes out of it, don’t hesitate to email me with your request, your request shall become my next Kodes challenge!


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