noun, made up, orig. Kodesse, feminine of code, from computing, programme instructions

Modern use – Handmade jewellery made from African fabrics and wooden beads

Hi, I’m Morena Fiore-Kirby and I hope to give you a bit more background behind my Kodes, the jewellery I have been making for a while.

It all started from my love of bright African fabrics and the idea of a crafty challenge, I chose the name Kodes as I am a web developer by day (I write code) and a crafter by night, so it seemed a bit of fun to call my jewellery Kodes – from Kodesse, almost a made up feminine version of the word “code”.

I buy the brightest African cotton wax fabrics from the heart of Brixton in London.

I hand make my jewellery in Tottenham, London and have started a journey through alternative beads too, via hand painted faceted cubes.

34 necklaces and counting...