About Kodes Accessories

Kodes are handcrafted bold geometric jewellery for the modern woman to empower her to express her personality by making an accessible statement investment that won’t break the bank.


Kodes are statement jewellery pieces, handmade in London by Morena Fiore. They include laser cut acrylic geometric jewellery, hand painted wooden geometric pieces, as well as necklaces made with silicone beads. They are all light and yet make a statement, being quirky and bold.


Kodes is the perfect jewellery for the modern, independent woman, who likes to express herself, her creativity and personality; who likes to be bold and quirky and make a statement through jewellery.


Kodes is born from a need for affordable investment jewellery pieces, the perfect statement necklace that packs a punch, the item that you would wear at an interview, where you’re still dressing conservatively but you want to still express your creativity and personality.


How it all started

Kodes accessories started from my own need to create the jewellery I felt I wanted and couldn’t find anywhere.

Back in 2015 I wanted mustard jewellery and started to look for it on Etsy. When I realised I wanted to make it using a specific mustard fabric I had in mind, so I did and soon my friends suggested I should use the leftover fabric to make more to sell.




The perfect jewellery to express yourself

I have had Alopecia Universalis since I was 10, I was left with no control over my hair.

Through the years I eventually made peace with my condition and I think I found in jewellery the way to express myself and my creativity (which I couldn’t express through styling my hair).


I then realised other women around me were using jewellery to do exactly the same, for different reasons.

Affordable luxury

Kodes also represents a little rebellion inside me towards growing up in a society in South Italy where everyone strived to wear the same designer items.

I learned that luxury can be an item which is handmade, with love and care, by a designer maker rather than a high street brand or a designer brand in a factory.

I met lots of talented designer makers and learned that luxury can be exactly that: that item that nobody else will find on the high street, that you can request to be customised and made unique; your little affordable investment that doesn’t break the bank but still makes such a statement and allows you to be unique, bold and express your creativity.


I’ve been exploring different textures for my hand painted jewellery and found in Terrazzo, a very old flooring technique which dates back to the ancient Egypt the perfect surface to reproduce. I loved how it has been part of my upbringing, it was everywhere on floors and tiles in Italy, so I decided to bring it back to modern days on my jewellery, creating modern colour combinations, inspired to tropical settings and interiors.