The beginning

20150618_200911Kodes started from my need of a mustardy necklace made with big beads.

I bought the fabric from Fabric Rehab and started getting my head round cutting the right amount of fabric and sewing.

I never did much sewing before, so everything was pretty new for me, at the beginning I even needed my husband’s help in pretty much everything I set to do. I have always been the type of person who gets all the necessary materials and never actually makes a start.

So after making my first necklace, I soon realised I had loads of fabric left over and maybe I could actually make more necklaced out of it and start selling them.

Then I started to wonder what else could I use to make necklaces with.

That kind of uncovered a deep passion I’ve always had for African fabrics. I even had purchased two cloths in the past and let them gather dust (well, not really as they were safe in a cupboard) because I really did not know what to do with them.

So I hit Brixton market and picked up a few fabrics I really liked. African fabrics are the best in my opinion: bright, opinionated, high contrast colours, think and shiny thanks of the wax, they really are perfect for big beaded necklaces!

This is how my journey began, exploring possibilities, improving my sewing skills as I went along and mutating into variations and new experiments, including headbands and hand painted beads!

Who would have thought? I never did anything crafty in my life!

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