When working with wooden and silicone beads it’s hard to come across as a sustainable, eco friendly and conscious brand.

Eco friendly packaging

The first step has been to be as conscious as possible about packaging. We keep our packaging 90% made of paper so you can recycle when you receive it. Some of it is even made with recycled paper, we really try and source materials which will be as eco-friendly as possible.

Kodes necklaces come packaged this way, to be as sustainable as we can be


Wood and carbon offseting

What's better at offsetting wood than a tree?

When your beads are all made of wood, the best way to give back to the environment is planting a tree.

So I’ve started a little forest with Treedom, a company that plants trees all over the world and lets you follow your trees’ progress, including looking exactly where the tree is located and sending you photos.

To offset wood consumption and carbon for 2017 and part of 2018, I’ve planted 4 trees, you can view some of the photos in the gallery on the right as well as follow my progress as I plant more during the rest of 2018 by visiting my page on Treedom.

Not only these trees will act as offsetting, every tree brings social and financial benefits to the farmers who plant them, to their family and to their local community.

Find out where KODES' trees are planted around the world!