Sicily – Raffia & Rattan Earrings


Step into the sun with our Zante – Rattan Earrings, where traditional craft meets contemporary style. These earrings are a celebration of natural materials and thoughtful design, perfect for adding a statement touch to any outfit.

Each earring begins with a polished, gold-tone stud that adds a touch of glamour. Below hangs a meticulously woven rattan disc, offering a glimpse into the skill of traditional weaving techniques. From this disc, radiates a fan of delicately placed rattan strips, dyed in a rich, natural hue to mimic the golden tones of a sunlit beach at sunset.

Lightweight and playful, the Zante earrings are as perfect for a day at the office as they are for an evening out with friends. They swing gently with your every move, adding a bit of whimsy to your walk and a warm, earthy tone to your ensemble.

Product Details:

Materials: High-quality rattan, gold-tone metal
Colour: Natural warm brown with golden accents
Closure: 14K Gold Stud for secure fastening
Dimensions: 4,6cm x 7.5cm

In stock (can be backordered)

Gift Wrap Design

Gift wrap - cotton drawstring bag (£2.00)

Gift Wrap Design

Gift wrap - cotton drawstring bag (£2.00)

Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100


Introduce a touch of Mediterranean elegance to your wardrobe with the Sicily Earrings, where natural charm meets luxurious detailing. These exquisite earrings combine hand-woven white raffia and beautifully shaped rattan, accented with elegant 14K gold-plated finishes.

Each earring begins with a radiant 14K gold-plated stud that shines brilliantly, leading to a meticulously crafted rattan circle that offers a warm, organic appeal. Flowing from this natural centerpiece, white raffia fans out in a graceful sunburst pattern, adding a light, airy texture that is both striking and sophisticated.

Designed to be lightweight for comfortable all-day wear, the Sicily earrings are perfect for enhancing both casual looks and evening attire. The blend of white raffia with golden and rattan accents provides a versatile color palette that can complement any outfit.

Product Details:

Materials: High-quality raffia, gold-tone 14K Gold plated brass studs
Colour: Natural warm brown with golden accents
Closure: 14K Gold Plated brass stud for secure fastening
Dimensions: 4,6cm x 7.5cm

Care Instructions:

To keep your beautiful earrings in perfect condition, avoid contact with water and store them in a dry place. A gentle wipe with a soft cloth is all it takes to maintain their rustic charm.

Whether dressing up for a special occasion or accenting a casual look, the
Sicily – Rattan Earrings bring a piece of artisanal craftsmanship right to your wardrobe. Let them whisk you away to Sicily’s shores with every wear!

When selecting gift wrapping, a hand stamped cotton drawstring bag will also be added to the package.

All handmade in my London home studio.

Additional information

Dimensions 9 cm
Hoop material

brass, sterling silver


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