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This Frida Kahlo inspired necklace is hand painted and formed of a 20mm round pink bead and 4 12mm round beads that I have hand painted(lilac, magenta, orange and violet) using acrylic paint, taking inspiration from the iconic Frida Kahlo, to represent her head and flowers that always decorated her hair.

The beads are varnished for a matte finish and the cord can be left adjustable with a knot you can move to make the necklace bigger or smaller. Cord is approximately 72cm long (including the extra cord to adjust the necklace).

The necklace is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and mailing bag to ensure a safe delivery.

All these gorgeous Statement necklaces (called Kodes) are bespoke and hand made, so they are unique but might bear some slight imperfections. They make perfect gift for her! Because of the nature of the materials (wood and acrylic paint) and how they are made (by hand rather than factory mass produced), it’s important that you store the necklaces with care as the paint might wear off with time. Please feel free to contact me and request a custom order if you have a particular combination of colours in mind 🙂 There are no limits to imagination! Enjoy it 🙂