Kodes’ Story
6 Years On

My journey started with no craft skills and I never thought I would consider myself creative.

Six years on and I am just about to launch 50 new products asking myself “where did all this creativity come from?!?”

“Maybe my creativity
was always inside me…”

Kodes started in 2015. I knew I wanted a mustard fabric necklace (yes, I’ve been in love with Mustard for THAT long!) but I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for online or in shops on the high street. So I bought the fabric and the beads and learned how to sew the kind of necklace I was looking for. I didn’t have any sewing skills, or sewing machine skills, but I was very proud of the result!

The first Kodes necklace ever, 2015

Love for African fabrics

I’ve always been fascinated by African fabrics, so it was only natural that I started buying the ones that I felt had a bit of a retro feel or interesting colours and started creating fabric necklaces, alternating knots with wooden beads which were inside a tube I was sewing together.

It then evolved into making headbands and canvas-style bags.

My favourite part of it was visiting the busy shops in Brixton to hunt for fabric. I’ve always felt like a kid in a sweet shop and I still treasure those moments.

Then I bought a pair of earrings from Oliver Bonas and I wanted a matching necklace. Shame I couldn’t find it and so decided to get the beads and paint to make my own.

The first Kodes hand painted wooden necklace
The famous earrings that started it all!
My first market in 2015!

New direction

The new acrylic line, 2019

I have always been fascinated by acrylic.
I like how fun and bright the sheets are and how much you can achieve by using it: from colorful animals, to bright and bold slogans.

I set myself a personal challenge: to make acrylic jewellery which instead was a touch more elegant; less fun and colorful, but with more focus on design, inspired by art deco motifs and architecture.

The most popular item from my first round of acrylic jewellery: rose gold, silver and grey mirror diamond shaped studs.
Palais Stoclet in Brussels has inspired one of my designs. Photo from https://www.worldheritagesite.org/list/Stoclet+House
My design inspired by Palais Stoclet