KODES are hand made necklaces
from African fabrics and wooden beads
African print wax cotton fabrics
in bright and inspiring colours

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KODES Cubes are hand painted
faceted wooden cubed beads

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Welcome to Kodes, accessories hand made by Morena Fiore-Kirby.

I chose the name Kodes as I am a web developer by day (I write code) and a crafter by night, so it seemed a bit of fun to call my products Kodes – from Kodesse, almost a made up feminine version of the word “code”.

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Are you still googling “Etsy hacks” or “etsy search tips”? Me too, and I hope I can keep this blog post updated as I go and find out more about how to increase visits and sales on Etsy, by providing you with more of a plan than just a checklist, hopefully question the tips out there and make you question what you do.

So what have I done beyond what’s been written and rewritten in various blog posts? (And if you have not read any, here’s a small list “Five Etsy Hacks Everyone Should Know” and “How To Sell More On Etsy”).

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Are you looking to set up your first accessory/jewellery market stall? I hope I can share my experience and pass on some tips 🙂

On 5th December 2015 I did my first ever market stall at a Christmas market inside the stunning Horney Town Hall.

I have helped organise conferences and events for a few years now and they’ve been quite successful, but yet I was so nervous on the day! I did not know what to expect.

I mainly was worried as this was something I’ve never done before, especially selling directly to the customers. It’s easy to upload your products’ photos online and put together a listing, sooner or later somebody might buy your product. But engaging with real customers in person is a completely different story.

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